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Please note that golf insurance is the responsibility of the individual players.San Javier Golf Society will accept no responsibility for any subsequent cost or loss which may result from any accident or damage for which they would be liable, to either themselves or any third party.

The name of San Javier Golf Society was adopted in 2006 because the majority of the members were from the San Javier area and the committee at that time felt it would offer a more descriptive attraction to potential new members looking to join a local Society (following the boom of new property in the San Javier area).


About San Javier  Golf Society

Previously, from 2002 it was called the Murphy Sweeney Golf Society, having been named after the golf pro Phil Murphy and his partner, at the local golf driving range, where the society was then based. Games were mainly played at Altorreal in Murcia as this was (at that time) the only golf course besides La Manga Club in the Murcia region.

During its initial four years the society grew in popularity, due to the golf and building boom in this part of Spain and in 2007 it peaked with an incredible membership numbering over three hundred.

New golf courses were opening in the Murcia region at a rate of two per year and the members were soon able to enjoy playing new courses designed by such renowned designers as Dave Thomas and Jack Nicklaus. Such was it’s reputation that the Society was the first to be invited to play Hacienda Del Alamo & Roda Golf Course on their opening and more recently we were among the first to play at Corvera.

Although the worldwide recession has had an effect on the number of current members since those halcyon days, the Society maintains healthy numbers. Several of our ex-members and friends have moved on to start up other societies in and around the region and are still in regular contact with San Javier regarding local golfing matters.

All of our previous Captains are still actively involved in running the Society and notably Barry Butterworth, the first Captain of the Murphy Sweeney Society (and founder member) is now our Honorary President, who at the age of 80+ still plays with us on a regular basis.


                               After being based at several locations over the years, we are now at La Serena Golf, (since January 2013)                       2013) thus maintaining our base within the San Javier area.

Past  Captains:

2012/13: Barry Beale

2013/15: Alex McLennan

2015/16: Roger McGeagh

2016/17: David Archer

2017/18: Paul Hamlin

2018/19: Dave Farrington

2005/07: Alex McLennan

2007/08: Bob Gallard

2008/10: Mick Hardy

2010/12: Roy Herbert

New cap.png Current Captain for 2019/2020 Ty Williams

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